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grab your starter kit

When you purchase a starter kit through us, you become a part of the Bloom to Thrive fam and a big wellness community! We will send you a welcome package with some resources to get started and connect you to our facebook groups.In those groups we answer questions, share tips, and offer classes on different wellness topics.The community is our favorite part, we'd love to have you join the family.


 Click here to get started, we are excited to walk along side of you! 

  1. Select member: this allows you to have 24% off retail pricing on any product, attend member events around the world, and be a part of the rewards program. *Does not mean you have to sell oils, but that is an option for members only.

    • (membership = no monthly fees)

  2. Choose your starter kit: this will provide you with 12 essential oils, two free roller tops, a thieves packet: aka the best natural / non toxic cleaner there is, and two ningxia packets: aka super-fruit drink that tastes amazing and boost your immune system.

    • next you get to pick your diffuser: desert mist & dew drop are at the standard pricing for starter kits. Love them both! Or you can go all fancy and order the rainstone or aria (our personal fav)) 

  3. Set up a monthly wellness box delivered right to your doorstep: **optional** ​This is an option for members to join Essential Rewards (free to join or cancel). Customize your order each month with the various oils + products Young Living has to offer. Best part of ER: getting a percentage of money back + earning free products (who doesn't love getting money back or free stuff?!) If this sounds good to you, make your starter kit your first ER order (and get a free oil!!!) *check the ER box in step one and check confirm box at the bottom of step two* 

  4. Fill out your member info: be sure to have your username, password, and pin memorized or written down so you can log back in to your account. 

  5. Select your shipping + payment method. There is an awesome option of PayPal checkout, which allows you to pay a minimum amount for six month, no interest. If that sounds like the payment route you want to take click here to make a PayPal account and click here to sign up for the credit. You'll receive an email that tells you  you have been accepted to receive PayPal credit----then you will be able to complete your starter kit check out! 

We look forward to connecting with you! We cannot wait to see the impact this community has on your life. Log into your account & track your package because it will be on the way soon!