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365 Days later.

I have the tendency to be an overthinker. I overthink what I say to people, how an interaction went, or a decision l need to make. Certain decisions are big deals because they will impact the future in one way or another. A year ago I remember have conversations with friends about possibly getting a tattoo. This is a decision that would impact my future in one way or another, it is something that is permanent. After a lot of discussion + thinking, I went for it. I went for it because I wanted it to be a part of my story.

In a world where it seems things in life are meaningless, I wanted to get something that holds deep meaning in my heart. I decided on my favorite kinds of flowers: wildflowers. Wildflowers are my favorite flowers because they are strong; even though they tend to grow in some of the most random places. I love the sight of them, whether they are on the side of the road or in a national park. No matter where they bloom they are beautifully resilient.

You are probably wondering, how do wildflowers fit into my story? In short, I want to be like wildflowers. I want to be like wildflowers because they are resilient. Throughout life I have gone through different seasons. Seasons that have been joyful + others that were difficult to even see the light. No matter the season I may go through I want to come out stronger than before. Seasons are beautiful because they mold and shape us. I have gone through seasons where I felt like I was planted in the wrong places, but in reality God had something else in mind. He used those seasons of difficulty to allow me to grow into who I am today-----someone striving to be joyful + resilient no matter the season.

I hope that you'll remember that every season passes, every season has a lesson, and in every season there is growth.

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