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flower child.

When I was little I became fascinated with the 70s/hippie style. I would dress with flare pants, big sleeves, and a string / bandana around my forehead. I am not sure when I became obsessed with them, but I did. The idea of Woodstock, being with friends and the listening to good music seemed so fun to me! I know other things happened at Woodstock but I wasn't focused on those parts haha. My Uncle started calling me a Flower child because I was dressing like a 'hippie', but I honestly didn't mind because I loved the happiness + fun flower children portrayed.

Fast forward to now and I have become more of a flower child, but in a difference sense. I'm not wearing a bandana around my forehead haha, but I am living a more natural lifestyle. Sometimes it is funny to think the words people can project on us to become true in the future. Reminder, your words matter. Now, you are probably wondering how I am living a more natural lifestyle?

Here is my story. It was the summer of 2017 that I slowly began to stop wearing makeup. For me, makeup became my own "mask". I wouldn't go anywhere if I wasn't wearing makeup. I was letting it define my beauty and identity. That summer while in Colombia my skin was not the best, I think it was the weather and the type of makeup I was wearing. So I decided to stop. At most, I would put on some mascara but that was mostly it. I slowly became confident in letting the world see me without makeup, it was honestly such a freeing feeling. When I went back to college a few weeks after returning home from Colombia, I still decided to not wear makeup regularly. It was definitely a weird feeling especially being around a lot of people and always wondering what other's thoughts of me were.

That semester I started learning about natural living----knowing the ingredients in the products that I use on a regular basis. I had a friend that would share about her wellness journey and I was so intrigued! I would send her questions from time to time about different things. She was so patient with me---shout out to Natalie. <3 I began to ask friends if they used essential oils and some did and some didn't. A friend gave me some oils from a local health store--I didn't do much but diffuse them. I remember talking with Casey about essential oils, so one night we went to TJ Maxx to get some oils. We still didn't know how to really use them but we rolled them on. I remember a friend who used oils mentioning to be careful because of fillers or synthetics in certain essential oil brands (didn't fully understand that at first.) Natalie would share about the process Young Living takes when making their oils. I thought it was great to see the breakdown and learn about the standards they use on every essential oil they make. I continued to watch her stories almost everyday and learn how she was using oils (more than just diffusing!).

Besides just listening and learning from the sidelines, the next step I took was downloading an app called "Think Dirty". This app is not what you are thinking, it is an app that allows you to scan products and see the listed ingredients. The product is then rated on a scale of 1 being clean to 10 being dirty. A thing I love about this is app is that it explains why certain ingredients are listed as dirty. I quickly began to scan + search the products I would use in my everyday life...yikes to all the stuff I was using with harmful ingredients. It is so crazy that there are harsh ingredients in the products we use on our skin, on our dishes, and on our clothes. I am not here to shame any brands so I will give an example: a commonly bought hand soap was rated at an 8. Ingredients like triclosan, fragrance, and propylparaben contributed to the dirty rating. I won't scare you and breakdown all of the reasons why the hand soap is rated dirty, but I will explain the word Fragrance. The word fragrance is listed on a lot of products...but what actually is it? The word is used as coverup of other ingredients that have been used in the product. By using the title "fragrance" the company does not have to disclose what all they are using in order to come up with the fragrance. I do not know about you, but I like to know what I am putting in my home, on my body, on my dishes, and anything my loved ones will be near. This is not here to scare you, but to inform you to start reading labels because it could change your health, even your life.

A few months later, I committed and invested in a starter kit from my sweet friend. I seriously have not looked back since. When I first got my kit I was so clueless as to where to even start, but the community I have been plugged into has taught me and encouraged me. I have spent hours listening to youtube videos, podcasts, and attended wellness classes. For me, to use essential oils is another way that I can use the natural resources around me. I am now using products that contain clean ingredients: supporting my body in the many ways I can. I am still on a journey to learn and grow in my wellness knowledge. There is always room to grow!

I am not a scientist or anything like that, but I am just a regular person who decided to try out oils and fell in love with the community, physical support oils provide, and a passion for natural living. This type of lifestyle is for anyone--- all you have to do is take the leap! If you are curious about the wellness community----I recommend downloading the think dirty app and scan a few items in your home. I also recommend watching the "Stink" documentary on Netflix----very eye opening.

Thanks for checking out part of my story, I hope to be a part in yours!

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