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passing by to say hello.

The other day Casey and I were on our way to visit Cincinnati. During part of our trip there we started talking about how many people there are driving on the road. Which led us to think about all the people in the world. Have you ever taken a moment to process how many people that pass you by on a daily basis? So many people pass us by whether that is in a stairwell, on the sidewalk, or at a coffee shop. Two things: one) it is amazing to think how many people there are and that there are people with so many different stories. two) it also hurts to think that there are people out there hurting, and have no one to confide in. If you are reading this and relate to number two, I wish I could give you a hug!

I'm learning that a simple smile or hello could turn someone's day into a really good day. When another individual takes a moment to acknowledge someone else, it sparks joy! I pass strangers without realizing that the current part of their story could feel like it's at a point of hopelessness. It also could be the best day of their lives! I am not trying to make this sad or anything, just sharing the processing of my thoughts (which are all over the place haha). On a similar note social media is a place where people are both hurting or happy. It is so easy to think that someone else's life is "picture perfect" from their posts or stories. I often have to remind myself that it is just the highlight reel and that no one truly has a perfect life. I like to log out from time to time to take a break and refresh my perspective. You should try it too. 💞

I guess what I am getting at is we pass by people with stories that have shaped them into who they are. Their story matters and so does yours. Share your story because it could change the person's life across the coffee table. At times, it feels like we live in a world where it is so easy to get caught up in our everyday lives without taking a moment to check-in on others. I, personally, am easily distracted so it can be easy for me to not invest in those passing by due to my distractions. Working on it. ✌🏽

If you get anything from this post, I hope you realize that it's important to take a moment out of your day to show kindness to someone near or far. Any acknowledgement matters and reminds others they are loved. You are loved my friend. Give a simple smile. Share your story & take a break from social media. It all could change your perspective.

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