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No matter what season of life I am in, I find myself comparing it to other's. At least for me, the road to comparison can be self destructive. I tend to find myself setting standards based upon other's lives. It is exhausting to live that way, so this year, I am going to remind myself not to.

I came up with this saying,

Nothing is a race.

You are on your own journey.

Run at your own pace.

Do not be so hard on yourself.

I would wake up and find myself scrolling on social media as if I had been behind on everyone's posts and updates. It was overwhelming to feel as if I'm trying to fulfill and accomplish unsaid expectations (I put them in my own head). It came to a point to where I finally talked to Casey explaining all that had been going on in my mind. Through processing these emotions I came to the conclusion that when I immediately wake up, I do not have to "catch up" and scroll for thirty minutes on instagram. It is so easy to get sucked in social media and scroll for hours. Instead of feeling like I am in a race that will never end, I am reminding myself that nothing is a race. It is too tiring to try and catch up to other's seasons, when I need to focus on my own.

Seasons come and go and it is just as simple as that. I have to remind myself that I am in my own season of life----on a different journey than others. I need to keep my eyes in my own lane rather than worry about being someone I am not. I liked to be like by others, so I have to remember to not pretend to mimic those that I admire; but rather, to be my complete self.

Running at my own pace has been hard physically + mentally. Both areas require practice and patience. I have to teach myself how to be patient when I do not meet my goal. I am not saying that I never accomplish goals I set for myself, but I am saying that things take time and I may not always pick something up at a drop of a hat. I have to learn to be kind to myself as I am learning + growing both physically and mentally.

As I said earlier, I tend to set unsaid goals for myself. Ideas that I place in my mind but never fully process. In turn, I become very hard on myself when an expectation is not met. I liked to be liked and care way too much what others think of me. Casey and I often have conversations about how hard I am being on myself-----he reminds me to be me and to not care too much about other's thoughts. Being hard on myself is not necessarily a bad thing----goals are healthy, but when it leads to self destruction it needs to be addressed.

If anything, do not compare your seasons of life to others and focus on your own pace for the journey. Oh, and rest your mind when you wake up, social media is not worth your mental state.




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