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W A I T.

To the girl who feels like your season of waiting will never be over, this is for you.

Let's start with the word patience. Google defines the word patience: "the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset". I never felt that I had a lot of patience. At times, my temper was short. I do not think many people noticed I was mostly impatient, I kept most of my thoughts to myself. Through my season of waiting the word patience kept coming up; because of this, I realized the Lord was telling me to slow my thoughts down and be still. It is 100% okay to have days when you are angry or upset because those feelings are valid. You are longing for this season of waiting to be over and that is understandable. Let's discuss feelings that are not valid.

Because you're waiting does not mean:

you are not attractive.

you are not fun.

you are not cool.

you are not smart.

you are not strong.

you are not worth it.

Over and over again, I fell prey to these lies. I would beat myself up about these lies that I felt to be true. A good friend of mine once said, feelings are not facts. Let me repeat that, feelings are not facts. Sometimes we feel certain things and convince ourselves that it is the truth, but it does not mean it really is. If you start to believe any of those lies, go to a friend you trust and have them speak truth over you. It is hard to fight these thoughts alone, go to someone who makes you feel safe.

You sweet friend, are worth the wait. Do not let yourself fall into the trap of thinking you aren't. I am not saying waiting is easy, because I know it is not. But what I am saying is that the end of your waiting season will be worth it. It'll be better than anything you can fathom. I want to encourage you, instead of focusing on the fact that you are waiting, turn your focus to Him and stop looking. God's time is perfect, He is never early and He is never late. Here is a little part of my story, when I truly surrendered myself to the Lord and changed my focus by no longer obsessing over my future spouse, he walked right into my life a couple months later. I know not everyone's story is like this, but trust me friend, your story will be knit together the way it is supposed to be.

Side note, even when you find Mr. Right does not mean your life is complete. It was already complete before that! Having a significant other will allow you to have a friendship and teammate for life. I hope that your relationship will direct you to the cross and grow you as a person.

Whether you are tired of waiting for your person, waiting for the day you'll have the ring, or waiting for the next season remember this, enjoy the season you are in despite of how you may feel. Reflect on what it can teach you. It is easy to dream about the future and miss the present. Take it day by day and remember no matter what, you are worth the wait. <3

ps. check out Morgan Harper Nichols' poems on waiting.

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